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The Head of Mordovia awarded ECO HALAL trade house for achievements in the field of export development


On November 13th, a ceremony dedicated to the Day of the agricultural and processing industry worker was held in the House of the Republic of Mordovia.

"I sincerely congratulate you on the Day of agricultural and processing industry workers! - welcomed the gathering Head of the Mordovia Republic Vladimir Volkov. - We all meet today's holiday in a very good mood and with pride. The reason for this is the most convincing – the past agricultural year was the most successful in the history of the Republic! »

In his speech, the Head of Mordovia shared about the main achievements in the field of agriculture. It was noted that this year a record harvest has been collected in the Republic, achieved maximum growth in dairy productivity, held records in the production of meat and eggs, a program for the development of rural areas is actively increasing, launched a number of world-class production complexes.

Vladimir Volkov emphasized the contribution of each enterprise to the development of agriculture in the Republic. He noted that outstanding results in rural areas were achieved in the most difficult conditions, against the background of the global coronavirus pandemic, but despite this, agricultural labourers managed to achieve high results thanks to honest workers who sincerely love their Homeland, protect their land and traditions, who know how and want to work.

During his speech, the Head of Mordovia specifically focused on the topic of export development. Mordovia is a member of the national project to increase agricultural exports. By 2024, the volume of deliveries of our agricultural products abroad should increase in 3 times. Currently, Mordovian products are supplied to 28 countries around the world.

Speaking about the increase in exports of Republican enterprises, Vladimir Volkov noted that products under the "ECO Halal" trademark from the Chamzinskayapoultry factory are actively exported.

"I urge all our agricultural producers to actively increase their export potential. And be prepared for a serious contest for the consumer, which involves high quality standards, flexible pricing policy and modern marketing tools, "the Head of Mordovia said.

During the ceremony, the Head of Mordovia Vladimir Volkov, Prime-minister of the RepublicVladimir Sushkov and Chairman of the State Assembly of the RepublicVladimir Chibirkin presented awards to heads of agricultural enterprises and companies for success in the development of the Republic's agro-industrial complex.

TalipAbubekirov, Director of the ECO HALAL trade house, was awarded for achievements in the field of export development of agricultural products. We want to remind that the ECO HALAL trade house took 1stplace in the competition "Exporter of the year of the Republic of Mordovia" in the category "Exporter of the year in the field of agro-industrial complex" based on the results of activities for 2019.

Attheendoftheceremony, theHeadoftheRepublicofMordoviaVladimirVolkovexpressedgratitudetoagricultural labourersandwishedthemfurthersuccess: "I sincerely express my gratitude to each of you for your hard work, love to your native land, perseverance and patience, and loyalty to your call! I wish you new work records for the benefit of our Russia and our Mordovia! Good health, happiness and well-being! Happy holiday! "

The event was organized taking into account current sanitary and epidemic requirements: participants used masks and gloves, observed social distance, and the day before did a test for coronavirus infection.