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About us

"EСO Halal" is the trademark of high-quality products made from broiler meat by the standards of "Halal" food. While producing our meat, we are guided by the canons of Islam, that is why we use a manual slaughtering in our work.

Careful control at each production stage ensures that our products have the highest level quality. As our products are made with the use of modern equipment we can guarantee stable quality, automation and sanitary safety.

Today the products of trademark "EСO Halal" was successfully introduced in many regions of Russia and we are proud that our Sales territory is constantly expanding. In 2018, we started exporting our products to the countries of the Customs Union. Currently, we are working hard to meet the highest standards of the Arab market and obtain accreditation that will let us sell our products in the Arab states.

We are proud that products of "ECO Halal" mark have been repeatedly named as a winner at various products exhibitions. Confirmation of the quality of our products is the growing demand and positive customer reviews.