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The annual international exhibition of Halal industry – RUSSIA HALAL EXPO-took place on 24th -25th of April in Kazan within the framework of the International economic summit


There was presented production from broiler chickens’ meat of the Trade house "ECO Halal", produced in Chamzinka settlement on meat-processing factory "Yubileynoye»

There was presented products not only from Russia but also from near and far-abroad countries: UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey, Indonesia, Bahrain, Malaysia, Oman, Egypt, South Korea, Canada, UK, France, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Belarus.

The exposition of the Trade house "ECO Halal" arouse much interest among the participants and guests of the exhibition, because Halal products from Mordovia are in demand in many regions of Russia.

Following the results of the event, the Trade house "ECO Halal" was awarded a diploma for active participation in the international exhibition and in the promotion of Halal lifestyle.

The international exhibition RUSSIA HALAL EXPO, the scale and popularity of which is growing every year, has become one of the largest in the Russian Federation for the entire time of development of the Halal industry. So, if in 2018 the exhibition used an area of 1.4 thousand square meters, this year its total area increased more than 3.5 times and reached 5 thousand square meters.

Kazan Summit is the main platform of economic cooperation between Russia and the Islamic world.