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Trading house

Seminar with a surprise was held in the Trade house "ECO Halal"


Today, after Juma prayer in Saransk hotel "Admiral" was held a seminar for employees of the Trade house "ECO Halal". The seminar was attended by management of the Trade house, poultry slaughterers, inspectors, managers and administrative staff.

During the seminar, director of the Trade house "ECO Halal" Talip Abubekirov discussed with employees main working moments, outlined goals and objectives that the company faces. He reminded of the responsibility, first of all beforethe Most High, and then before people for the process of production of Halal products. Then the director of the company thanked his employees for their work, for the contribution of each one of them to the development of Halal industry.

Next, pleasant surprise was prepared for employees by the management of the Trade house. In attendance by drawing the winner was revealed, and the prize, as after the draw the audience learned, was a trip ticket forthe performing of umrah-minor pilgrimage to the Holy Mecca. The happy owner of the ticket became the sales manager of the Trade house "ECO Halal" Fayil Akhmetov.

At the end of the event, everyone was invited to a banquet.