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In the city of Nur Sultan held a presentation of products of the brand ECO Halal»


On August 20-21, 2019 Ruslan Maksimov, representative of ECO Halal Trading house, took part in the business mission of the companies of the Republic of Mordovia to the Republic of Kazakhstan, organized by the export support Center of the Republic of Mordovia. The mission was attended by representatives of the food, construction and automotive industries of the Republic of Mordovia.

On the first day of the mission, representatives of Mordovia organizations visited large retail chains, distributors, a number of enterprises of the Republic of Kazakhstan, where they got acquainted with their activities and talked with the leadership on the topic of future cooperation.

On the second day of the mission, the companies presented their products. The presentation was attended by representatives of the Russian export center and the chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation in Kazakhstan, the foreign Trade chamber of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the export support Center of the Republic of Mordovia, distributors of foreign companies, representatives of supermarket chains.

Director of the export support Center of the Republic of Mordovia Irina Kazeeva briefly spoke about the activities of the companies and presented a short film about the Republic of Mordovia. Then each representative of the company told about their products.

Head of foreign economic activities of Ruslan Maksimov in his speech stressed on the key aspects of production of Trade mark "EKO Halal" on the farm "Chamzinskaya".

"The high quality of our products, which is appreciated by our customers, is achieved through the joint work of a large number of agricultural workers. These are technologists, inspectors, workers of poultry farms, and many others," Ruslan Maksimov said. He reported on the main production indicators of the agrogroup "Good business", which includes the poultry farm and that the agrogroup is one of the ten largest producers of poultry meat in Russia.

The representative of the Trading house also noted that in Mordovia, high-quality products are not only poultry meat, but many other competitive products such as dairy products, sausages, bakery products, groceries, canned food, etc.Then a video about the products of "ECO Halal" was shown, after which B2B negotiations with potential buyers took place.

The participants of the event expressed hope that this business mission will cause fruitful cooperation between the companies of Russia and Kazakhstan.

Also during the visit, a small marketing study of the poultry market of Kazakhstan was conducted, meetings with representatives of the Halal industry, negotiations with potential buyers were held.